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Customized Lip Balms - the perfect promotional product!
99dogs Famous Customizable Lip Balm
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Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery
Check out 99dogs huge APPAREL CATALOG with over 10,000 items! First choose your apparel items. Then CONTACT US for a quick, competetive screen print or embroidery price quote.

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Welcome to 99dogs.com!

This is your one stop source for custom promotional products and custom screen-printed and embroidered apparel. With state of the art technology in our production facilities, we can produce your custom orders quickly, efficiently and at a great price!
We deliver your customized product anywhere you want it, looking the best it can, and most importantly, at prices you can afford. 99dogs.com embellishes its manufactured products and personalizes them for you directly on a wholesale, made-to-order basis at the lowest possible price. Contact a 99dogs.com sales representative.


99dogs.com Famous Custom Lip Balm! Design Your Own!

99dogs Guarantees the Best Price & the Best Quality in the world for multi-color custom printed lip balm. We sell our full color product for as low as 52 cents per tube. Just request a quote and you will receive our super low price immediately via email. We Guarantee it!! For details, please see our lip balm detail page.

Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery

Check out our huge apparel catalog. You will find an extensive selection of quality apparel in a wide range of colors, fabrics, and designs. You choose the products and we'll do the work to quickly personalize them to fit your needs. First Browse Our Apparel Catalog. Then Contact Us for a quick, competetive price quote.

DIDN'T FIND A PRODUCT THAT FILLS YOUR NEED? Check out 99dogs mega online promotional catalog, with over 10,000 top custom product ideas. Simply go to 99dogs Mega Online Promotional Catalog and perform a search based upon your criteria. It takes only seconds to find a custom product that fits your exact needs! Then simply contact 99dogs.com to ask further questions or to place your order.

Please Direct All Inquiries To: wholesale@99dogs.com.
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